A downloadable game for Windows

It took a while to get there, but you're finally getting to live your dream: running a bubble tea shop! Serve some delicious bubble tea drinks and get to know your community while you do so.


Move: WASD

Make tea: E

Talk to NPCs: E/Spacebar

This game was made for Rainbow Jam 2019.

The majority of this group are first-time jammers (and for some, this is their first time making a game in general)! Most of us have not made something together before. We wanted to make something cute and relaxing to play while using a familiar setting trope with a spin: coffee shops, but instead, bubble tea! We wanted to emphasize the importance of forming a community when one isn't there. In doing so, we formed a community of our own.

Artists: Nichole Wilkinson, Sierra Walker, Lisa Schomaker, Grant Hofmann

Programmers: Salvador Galindo, Grant Hofmann

Writer: Grant Hofmann

Music by Komiku, font


Positivitea.zip 19 MB


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I was very exited to play this, but it won't run ;w;

Oh no! I've uploaded a new .zip file. Try downloading again with the new version. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what could be causing it to not run if this one doesn't work. :(

Thank you for trying to help- unfortunately it still isn't working. It may just be my computer. :(